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Each activity box is themed so you’re sure to never receive the same activities. They contain at least 3 activities based on the theme.

Each box or subcription can also be sent as a gift.


Some of the themes include:


Bugs and Butterflies

Bug Tic-Tac-Toe: Make & decorate clay bugs to play a fun game with a friend

Butterfly Magnets: Use colour diffusing paper to make colourful magnet butterflies

Colourful Creatures: Create colourful stained glass creatures to hang in your window


Folktales & Festivals

Totem Pole – Create a unique Native American totem pole and tell stories of legends, ancient chiefs or family clans Dream Catcher – Keep bad dreams away by making your own dream catcher to hang in your room

Mardi Gras Masks – Join in the carnival fun by making colourful masks and creating your own parade


Frozen Fun

Frozen Hands – A science experiment that will have you digging for frozen treasure

Snowman Bowling – Build your own snowmen, then bash them down in a fun game of bowling

Snowflake Painting – Draw invisible snowflakes and then watch them magically appear


Under an African Sky

Binoculars – Go game spotting with your own pair of binoculars African

Animals – Camouflage stand up animals and create a bushveld scene African

Sunset – Create magical sunsets using water paints and oil pastels


Awesome Outdoors

Nature Collection Box – Go on a scavenger hunt to find treasures around the garden Indoor

Camp Fire – Roast marshmallows on your own indoor camp fire

Lantern – Build a lantern and go on a night walk or pretend to camp under the stars


Bubble Trouble

Have fun outdoors with the quickest bubble blowing fun ever

Giant Bubbles – Make and chase giant bubbles around the garden

Bubble Lamp – A fun science experiment to make your own lava lamp


Paint Party

Colour Blocking – Create colour block paintings on your own canvas’s

Spinning Art – Create beautiful spinning art cards

Mono printing – Introduce kids to the art of print making


Under The Sea

Watercolour sea creatures – use a spray bottle to create colourful creatures

Bottle jellyfish – make your own jellyfish and watch it swim

Underwater world – use special sponges to create underwater scene


Salt Dough Ornaments – create Christmas smelling decorations for your tree

Christmas Tree – Decorate your own mini stand up Christmas tree

Christmas Cards – Design your own cards to give to friends and family


Ready Set Glow

Glowing firefly – that can actually fly

Glow in the dark slime – fun textural experience

Glow in the dark games – glowing beach ball and glow sticks have never been so much fun


Wonders of Wind

Paper kite – make your own kites that really fly

Wind chime – paint a wind chime to hang in the garden

Pinwheels – put together and decorate 2 paper pinwheels


Mix of Colour

Colorful spinning tops – mix colours and patterns on a wooden spinning top

Stained glass window– create your own stained glass windows

Tissue paper dyed bag– decorate and colour a tote bag


Spring has Sprung

Silly grass head – create a grass head that’s hair will grow

Sun prints – use the sun’s rays to create beautiful pictures to frame

Flowerpot – decorate a flowerpot and make paper flowers


Making Music

Rhythm bracelets – create and decorate a bracelet and anklet; then dance around to hear them jingle

Egg Maracas – put together a pair of maracas that have 2 different sounds

Box guitar – pluck the strings of your guitar to create your own music


Birds of a Feather

Owl lantern – create an owl using a Chinese paper lantern

Bird feeder – construct a bird feeder to hang in the garden

Bird costume – design a bird mask and wings for fun pretend play

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