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Help your children ‘ExploreMore’ by getting creative through crafts

Instinctively most of us know that doing crafts and being creative is important for our children, and like most things with being a parent, trusting your instincts often leads you down the right path. Arts and crafts have been proven to assist children to interact with the world around them, especially as crafting engages multiple areas of the brain simultaneously leading to developmental benefits now and in the future. In fact craft activities enhance children’s cognitive, emotional and physical abilities.

From a cognitive perspective these include 3D information and visual processing, attention span, as well as planning, problem solving and decision making; whilst from an emotional perspective crafting helps to enhance children’s confidence, self-esteem, as well as aiding in improving self-expression, creativity, self-regulation and perseverance. It also develops key physical abilities, such as bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and sensory stimulation.

Yet finding developmentally appropriate craft activities to do with our children is not always an easy task, especially when you take into consideration the fast paced lives that most of us parents lead. Yet thanks to the ExploreMore Creative Activity Packs, you can now offer your children new exciting crafts and activities on a monthly basis.

What truly makes ExploreMore so unique is the fact that each month they produce and deliver a themed box filled with 3 hands-on activities to inspire creativity, curiosity and continued play for children aged between 3 and 7. The excitement becomes tangible when each new box arrives, not only because the children enjoy the new challenge, but because they have made the process so easy for parents, providing you with all the materials and tools required to complete the crafts; meaning no need to rush off to go searching for supplies. Both convenient and cost effective, these amazing packs enable you to spend quality time with your children getting creative, whilst simultaneously helping your children to develop and learn through play, away from technology for a change.

“Crafting is a process that allows your children’s skills to naturally develop. In fact, where creativity is concerned, it is the process of creating itself where your children learn through exploring, discovering, and experimenting that has the greatest value,” explains Maya Brown, CEO of ExploreMore.

For the past 3 years these amazing boxes have been shipped nationwide, for more information on the original, sibling and custom theme related party boxes, Click here